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Forget the crowds in Greece and visit some of the most amazing rural spots that are bustling with unspoiled beaches, culture and secluded islands.
  1. Sporades Islands
Sporades Islands is the perfect spot to enjoy sea kayaking. The island boasts crystal clear and calm waters. Taking part in sea kayaking in the Sporades archipelago somewhat resembles dipping in a paddling pool but is way up higher on the spectacular scale. The location is ideal for novice kayakers. As soon as you've brushed up on a few basic skills, you will be able to enjoy your surroundings and appreciate what's around you.
  1. Kalymnos
Kalymnos is the number one spot to try rock climbing. Most rock climbers will tell you that Kalymnos is their idea of heaven. Kalymnos has approximately 2000 well-established routes for climbing. However, there are lots of rock formations that haven't been approached. There is a wide range of challenges from east to those suitable for only those with experience. Kalymnos is also a great location for windsurfing and kite surfing; these are two of the increasingly popular sports.
  1. Mountaineering on Olympus
Mount Olympus is full of natural beauty and is the home to more than 100 species of birds and 30 types of mammals. Better still, there mountaineering routes that are suitable for everyone, regardless of ability.
  1. Skiing
The best place to ski is in Northern Greece. The resort has ski slopes that give it's popular European neighbors a run for their money. The area is blessed with a brilliant amount of snowfall, decent schools, and a terrific view.
  1. White Water Rafting
If you want to try your hands at white water rafting, then Peloponnese and Epirus mountains are the places to be. It's almost as if Greece was created for white water rafting. If you try your nerves in the hills, then you won't be disappointed. The rivers of Lousios in Arcadia and Voidomatis in the Zagori area of Epirus are breathtaking and exciting white water areas.
  1. Bird Watching
If the more active sports aren't for you, then indulge in some mesmerizing bird watching in Northern Greece. In Lake Kerkini, it is reported that more than 300 different bird species live there. Lake Kerkini is home to many birds and is a safe place for those birds endangered. Spring and autumn migration periods are the best times to go bird watching, although your bird watching experience will probably be amazing in different seasons too.
  1. Pelion train ride
Sit back and relax while going around the mountain of Pelion on a train! You won't work up a sweat, all you need to do is sit on the Mountzouris train, and it takes you everywhere. The traditional steam train is a great way to see everything comfortably. During the journey you will get an insight into some of Greece's less heard of villages and gorgeous valleys. Evaristo de Chirico, an Italian engineer, designed the train, and it has been in working order since 1895.
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