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Greek Dating Traditions: Past and Present

Online dating is a means for modern Greeks to enjoy their dating experiences and select their life partner.

EligibleGreeks Magazine > Dating & Relationships| Updated February 12, 2021

Greek tradition has seen many young couples being introduced to one another through their close-knit families. Nowadays younger Greeks enjoy meeting people at work and social gatherings within their warm, friendly Greek community. Here we take a look at the dating habits of Greeks, past and present.

Traditional Greek Dating

Yes, it has always been a fond Greek tradition for young couples to be introduced to one another by their families. They will meet up at the residence of their matchmaker, and if all goes well, their date will be arranged. Traditionally, couples were chaperoned until their wedding day, but this no longer applies. The pair would take plenty of time to get to know one another's family before getting married. Modern Dating: Greeks do prefer to find their suitable spouse without intervention from their families but rather through work and socializing with friends.

Greek women, do, however, still fancy old-fashioned wining and dining and the romantic gestures that go with it, proving some things never go out of fashion. They just love a simple bunch of flowers. Ancient Greek Dating: Elaborate courtship rituals were the norm in the days of ancient Greece. In the Bronze Age marriage contests were common and saw many suitors vie for the hand of a lady. One such example involved that of Cleisthenes, tyrant of Sicyon, whose famous story has been passed down since sixth century BC.

Cleisthenes spent an entire year entertaining suitors who were competing for the hand of his daughter, Agariste. Thirteen suitors were subjected to wrestling matches and chariot races as well as personal interviews, all for the hand of one woman. Sue Blundell's book, "Women In Ancient Greece," gives an interesting account of the marriage contests which took place during this age.

Online Greek Dating

The Internet has influenced dating worldwide, and many Greeks have joined dating sites to experience this dating lifestyle for themselves. Greek dating websites help Greek people to connect and are also useful for those who live and work abroad yet intend to marry someone from back home. Online dating is a means for modern Greeks to enjoy their dating experiences and select their life partner.

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