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Some of our modern day society is thanks to the Greeks. The Greeks graced us with the Olympic Games, democracy, but most importantly, Feta! The Greeks had single-handedly moulded our society and created a way of eating like no other country has. Greek cuisine is full of fruity olive oil, sunk in red wine and a variety of mezes to accompany it all. Not only that, Greek cuisine is viewed as the diet that both nutritionist and doctors recommend as the 'healthy food.' Many of us try to replicate the diet, but we just can't quite master it like Greeks. For Greeks, it's just their way of life.
  1. Fried cheese
All you need is cheese forget the bread. Saganaki is the name of very finely grilled cheese in Greece.  Graviera is usually the best option; it's a yellow cheese that has a very high melting point, and it stays upright when it's pan-fried. When cooking grilled cheese, it gets a crispy coat on the outside and remains beautiful and melty on the inside. However, the tastiness doesn't stop there. Greeks also love to enjoy Halloumi, which is a Cypriot cheese. It also has a high melting point and is best served with salad or even watermelon. If you haven't tried it already, you need to.
  1. The Greek Salad
A delicious Greek salad has it all: tomato, cucumber, feta, oregano, olive oil and olives. Any other salads really can't compare. Enjoy the chunks of feta we know you want to.
  1. Wine time
In Greece wine is not reserved for holidays or special celebrations. The Greeks know that wine is a key ingredient of our daily diets, along with olive oil of course. The only tricky part is choosing from the thousands of different tastes on offer.
  1. A real dessert
Imagine a donut coated in honey. Greeks can offer you just the thing. They are called Loukoumades. Unlike wine, Loukoumades are reserved for special celebrations. Forget Jelly donuts; nothing can compare. In ancient Greece, the unique desserts were served generously to those who won the Greek Olympics.
  1. 'Bar food.'
Forget chicken wings with a side of fries; think a petite serving of crisp cucumbers, saganaki, and dips complimented with warm pita and a generous serving of meatballs. This dish goes by the name of meze and is often accompanied by wine, beer or a glass or two or ouzo.
  1. Yogurt
We all know that we would be lost without Greek yogurt. Our breakfast is incomplete without it. While many of us enjoy a healthy serving of Greek yogurt for breakfast, Greeks like to enjoy it as a tasty dessert too. Don't forget to add a spoonful of unfiltered honey for the best taste.
  1. Friends and family
Last but not least, none of the Greek food can be fully appreciated unless it's shared with friends and relatives. Being surrounded by family is critical in Greece. Don't be surprised if you are invited many times to join a family's table. Don't be shy, take a seat and enjoy the feast!
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