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How To Meet Other Greeks Outside Your Social Circle

Some tips for how to meet some Greeks outside your immediate circle.

EligibleGreeks Magazine > Dating & Relationships| February 12, 2021

Meeting other Greek singles often happens at church or through family members who may have someone in mind whom they would like us to meet. At Greek Orthodox churches, young people meet up a lot through the Young Adult League and Greek Orthodox Youth of America. After a while, the youth find that they need to start meeting others outside of their usual social groups.

We have all attended a "Greek Night" somewhere along the line. Even at special times of the year, such as Thanksgiving, New Years, Labor Day, as well as other major holidays, there are always Greek events on for at least one night. Going out to attend a Greek night with your friends is a great time to dance and party, but many don't take the opportunity to meet new people. Of course, you will see many familiar faces, perhaps those with whom you have only chatted briefly, but look out for those who you don't recognize.

It can sometimes be interesting and fun to meet people who are not part of your usual social circles. Going out is not limited to Greek nights, though. There are huge Greek communities across the country with many Greek-American organizations as well as Greek-related activities to socialize with others. Many Greek musicians come to America to perform live on stage, touring across the country. These events may not be as frequent, but they offer an alternative night out with friends. They usually tend to host these music events in bigger cities which have a size-able number of Greeks, giving you the opportunity to meet a lot of other people, and not just the usual faces you see week in and week out.

Looking at options other than concerts and Greek nights numerous Greek organizations arrange annual conventions, festivals, and dances. These occur throughout the year and offer something different for you to try. Most of the time, these will be in specific areas where many Greeks reside, for instance, many immigrants from Pontos or Crete tend to aggregate in certain districts. Events such as these are great as they attract people of all different ages, and you are sure to meet some interesting characters from the homeland, perhaps even your soul mate. So, if you're out to meet some new Greeks, there certainly is no shortage of them around and plenty of opportunities to do so. Have a quick look  and you may just come across a Greek  single in your area or a nearby destination which you could travel to for the weekend. And of course, don't forget to create a profile at the most popular Greek dating website, if you haven't done so.

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