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Greenwood, Indiana
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Warm, personable... seeking fun, dynamic Greek American life partner in USA

Hello! Looking for that special Greek-American man to share my life with here in the USA. It's important to me that our families are cordial and supportive. I would love to be all together with our friends and family for holidays and celebrations. I imagine great home-cooked meals featuring all the Greek faves that you help me cook (okay, I would love it if you are a talented prep cook, barbecue guru and bartender! If not, I got it and there's always the clean up!). I always say I got 3 out of 4: great parents, great kids, good health. Didn't get the lifelong marriage, but we're still cordial and don't make awkward situations for our kids. I love my job. I interact with senior citizens and see the joy I help bring to them. Kind of like having a bunch of yiayias and papous continuously in my life even though mine are long gone. I have a few marriage proposals on the table from some of the older gentlemen I work with, so if this on-line dating thing doesn't work out... I'm looking for a dynamic relationship. One that is energetic, spirited and gets better with time. I think it is important to be self-aware, self-reflective and intellectually curious, so you can do better when you know better. Adore funny guys! Fun to do life laced with humor. I'm a social butterfly type. Love to have fun exploring new places and things. Love Greek dancing, Ballroom dancing, Country...really any dancing! Like nature, gardens, performing arts, concerts; love holding hands with my guy.

5'  5"   (165 cm)
Family Roots
White / Caucasian
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Greek Orthodox
Bachelor's Degree
Travel / Recreation / Leisure / Hospitality
I'll tell you later
What languages do you speak?
Favorite Music
Pop, Classical, Latin, Rock & Roll, Instrumental
Describe your perfect weekend.
Love to take road trips to different small towns and explore their unique features, restaurants, art, and architecture. Spending time just the two of us. Having a big breakfast and getting outside to do something even if it's house related. Also, love to stay in on a rainy day and snuggle up with a crossword puzzle. listen to music or watch a football game.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Could happen for some!
How many kids would you like to have?
I have two, plus the number you already have. Then grandkids someday.
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
Chemistry is important
What is the purpose of marriage?
To share your life with someone who you can be your authentic self with and it feels really nice. To inspire and influence the best in each other. To love our families.
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
Life is a series of lessons. You can always change your story line, grow, and be better for it. You really need to own your own happiness.
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
Being in like and love, loyalty, self-awareness, desire to keep working on yourself and relationship, growth dynamic. Playfulness!
What turns you off?
Men who won't consider women their own age.
What turns you on?
Someone who can keep me laughing
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