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Never Married
Johannesburg, Gauteng
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We have much to be thankful for, as Air and Water gives us life.

I welcome you to my Window of Life, Light and Love. We are all searching for the impossible because in our Life of today, everything is just too easy. At the click of a button or a tab....There she is,,,The one I have been searching for, but who is she and where does she come from and where are her roots embedded??!! So! Now I have found the site that I have been looking for and it landed on my laptop screen! My roots stem from Croation and Greek Parentage and I was born here in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have very special genes that come fom the Agean and the Adriatic Seas. A good mixture of blood in the European sense. Rules and regulations are somewhat rather difficult. I do not like being boxed in and neither should you, but you will get me on twoo, so get out that brainbox and find me too! We must be and feel free together, in mind and spirit and not keep in what you want to say, but rather let it out. Say it and let me hear it and let us resolve it or let us both enjoy it together. I can be a fabulous partner to you, for I adjust easily and am a multi-tasker. I am not jealous or clingly. You need time on your own sometimes, to perhaps meditate, but excercise and meditation can go together quite nicely when you help each other. I am a very spiritual, and tender loving person who wants to be happy with whoever I eventually settle down with. I love classical music and Opera and I used to sing and still do sometimes. I studied Opera in Croatia, Europe.

Best Feature
White or Gray
6'  0"   (183 cm)
Family Roots
White / Caucasian
My Lifestyle
Has Kids
Wants Kids
Some College
Financial / Accounting / Insurance / Real Estate
I'll tell you later
Some Other Viewpoint
What languages do you speak?
English, Greek, Other
Favorite Music
Alternative, Blues, Classical, Classic Rock, Dance / Electronica / House, Latin, Middle Eastern / Persian / Arabic, Rock & Roll, Reggae, Religious
Favorite Actors
Dean Martin
Favorite Actresses
Sofia Loren
Favorite Artists
Gigli & Pavaroti. Maria Callas ( My Late Aunt )
Favorite Authors
I. J. Cronin.
Favorite Bands
Pano & The Banditos
Favorite Hangouts
Movies, Theatres.
Favorite Books
Pappilon, The Northern Light and The Diary of Anne Franck ( First edition )
Favorite Cities
Crikvenica, where my Croation roots stem from. & The island of Ithaka, where my Greek roots stem from.
Favorite Clothing Stores
Where I can find good and decent material clothes.
Favorite Colors
All colours
Favorite Country
Croatia, Greece & Italy.
Favorite Drinks
A good half full glass of fruity red wine. Coke-Lite
Favorite Fashion Designers
Favorite Fast Foods
Favorite Magazines
Favorite Comedies
The Nutty Professor> Jerry Lewis. The Pink Panther.
Favorite Dramas
Madame X , The Titanic, For Who'm The Bells Toll, Airport 77, Charlie, The Ten Commandments.
Favorite Horror Movies
Don't like Horror movies.
Favorite Action Movies
Jackie Chang, The Late Bruce Lee,
Favorite News Anchor
Favorite Night Clubs
GREEK & Karaoke Venues like Gatsby on a Saturday night and The Colony in Craighall on Friday nights.
Favorite Place To Be Kissed
Under the Thissle tree, when it is full moon! Better on the beach at full moon!
Favorite Plays
The Sports Car.
Favorite Politicians
Ha! Ha! Tell me another joke! Polaticians are Bull the Dashers and never tell the truth!
Favorite Sports Teams
The Sharks! & The Boks
Favorite Quote From A Movie
Let's Dance! Zorba the Greek.
Favorite Restaurants
In Your kitchen with Me, cooking lunch or dinner for us! I don't like restuarants because their kitchens are never clean.
Favorite Songs At The Moment
My Way...Frank Sinatra. And I Love you so: Perry Commo. Theme from The Godfather: Speak softly Love. She, by Charles Aznevouir.
Favorite Sports
Tennis, Soccer and sometimes Rugby. ( I am not a sports fanatic ) but will watch sometimes.
Favorite TV Comedies
Bill Cosby. The old English black and white funnies like : On the Buses & Charlie Chaplin & The Three Stooges.
Favorite TV Dramas
The Bold and Beautiful. Also Isidingo. Reality shows like Ask Harry.
Favorite TV News Sources
Favorite Foods
Healthy with olive oil from Greece and Italy of course! You have not tried my tasty chicken schnitzels yet.
Favorite Styles Of Music
Classical and Opera mostly but I like Latin American music too. Would you like to Dance? I will sing a serenade to you.
I am a part time Actor and featured Artiste and appear in local soapies when asked.
Yes. Dogs and domestic cats
A dangerous subject for many.
A little
Sometimes but I will cook for you or we can share.
Sometimes when there is karaoke. I love singing romantic ballads.
A good sport to watch.
a very interesting subject
Board Games
Chess, but Scrabble is my favorite.
Business Finance
Autoline Insurance Motor Assessing. Linkedin.
I used to love it in my youth.
Card Games
Yes. Rummy and Cannasta, Black Jack and Poker too but not for money. Just for fun.
I assess Insured accident damaged vehicles of all sorts.
I have not been Blessed with one yet, but I will adore and watch over yours.
It can be real exciting to watch, especially the Trapeze artists when there is no net. These day they have to use a net.
I love a good comedy. I will tell you many jokes and have you laughing in no time at all.
Community Service
With my gift of Divine Healing, being Divine Inetrvention, where doctors have failed, by the Laying of my hands, in the name of Jesus Christ, on the sick and also the dying, to relieve their pain and suffering.
I love cooking & Baking too!
Can I have the next dance please?
Yes, I guess so otherwise how will we know!
Dogs and Cats
Yes. I have one cat.
Healthy eating is always best. Chicken breast and fish with the occasional T. Bone and lots of leafy salad and fruit.
Watching from the couch sometimes. Not fanatical.
Sometimes for fun only. I like to play the picture machines at Emperors Palace.
Yes. My veggie patch.
No thanks.
Very helpful and fun too.
Live Concerts
We all do that on a daily basis without even thinking.
Yes. A very expensive need..
Dramas and True Stories like: Gone with the Wind. Exodus, The Ten Commandments. Ben Hur etc, etc.
Verdi. The Barted Bride. Madame Butterfly, Tosca and others. I sang with Ge Korzten & Nellie du Tooit in P.A.C.T.
A little but not good at it. I used to be good at sketching when I was young.
Yes. My ginger cat Sylvester. I like dogs too.
Sometimes I can be very philosophical
Nature and animals including people.
Politcians are mostly bull-the-dashes! They never tell the truth, ever! They lie to get the vote.
A dangerous subject for those who do not understand it. Many marriages ahave disbanded because of it.
Never without my musice in my car. A good medium when travelling to far places and better with a loved one.
Every day and looking on date sites for You.
There is only One God. Catholic & Greek Orthodox. O THEOS XERI OLA. Emis xeri tipota and have much to learn.
Persian and Greek Flokati
From you? Maybe, or running to you! Running with you would be much fun and healthier too!
School of many things.
I love shopping. Most men hate shopping.
I love singing too and still looking for my lady partner, to sing with me. Come find me on Two.
Sky Diving
My Dream to do it when I reach 80.
Tricky and very dangerous but really fun, when you're still young.
Watching from the couch. Not a fanatic though.
Stock Market
Not my scene.
A Very interesting subject and much needed.
A much needed medium for news around the world and for watching my favorite shows too.
I used to confuse my opponents by playing left and right handed. Those were the days my friend.
Live theatre. Drama or Stand up Comedy.
Love travelling to far places and going away for weekends. I will have to find my S.A. Greek Lady first!
Video Games
On my laptop, late at night. With you, this won't be a necessity, unless you like card and board games.
With my lady by my side and preferably on the beach, so I can feel the sea-salted air breezing through my hair.
Oh my goodness! Writing the Story of my Life. Writing other stories and poems too.
Adventurousness Somewhat Daring
Affectionateness Somewhat Doting
Trustingness Somewhat Skeptical
Confidence Very Confident
Independence Very Independent
Mood Average
Romance Somewhat Romantic
Sociability Very Extroverted
Thought Process Somewhat Artistic
Tolerance Very Compliant
Dress Somewhat Formal
Energy Average
Go Party Always
Religion Average
Neatness Somewhat Neat
Punctuality Always On Time
Spending Average
Work Ethic Driven
Describe the perfect evening.
Care to have Dinner with me? I will cook for you, a scrumptcious meal with tasty and fruity wine to enhance your tastebuds. A candle-light Dinner it shall be on a patio somewehre with a view of the sea or on a mountain somewhere with a full moon and a beautiful view of the landscape or of the sea. I love the feel of the breeze and the taste of the sea salted air blowing through my hair and the beauty of the silvery moon and the shiny and bright stars. lighting up the sky brightly and the earth too. Kissing you gently and dancing with you to the sounds of very romantic music and being with you till the morning dawn and watching the sun-rise together. That is my dream of spending a most beautiful evening with my future loved one. should I ever find her.
Describe your perfect weekend.
The evening of the Dinner as described above, would be my perfect week-end and as the sun rises at dawn, we watch for a while and then kiss and fall asleep. When we awake a few hors later, I make for you and I a refreshing breakfast with fruit and then bacon & eggs with brown toast will strawberry or marmalade jam with a nice hot cup of tea. After breakfast, we will walk to the beach and hand in hand we will walk along, near the sea suds that would lick our bare feet as we stop and kiss each other to seal our love for each other. We carry on walking and the sea breeze blowing through our hair. We then would go to sit on the dunes and watch the ever crashing waves that would be rather gentle as the tide would be low at that time of day and quietly we would sit and listen without word and hear far distant voices over the ocean as the waves recede back into the sea for a few seconds. How and so romantic that would be. We go back to our nest of love and you prepare us a nice lunch and what ever it may be, I enjoy with you. After that. we go and rest awhile and later we watch a variety show on TV or a musical or a good drama movie. From time to time we dig into the pop-corn and eat while we sip at our cooldrink, be it coke-lite or something similar. Night time approaches and it is time to eat again and we decide to go for a Dinner dance and as we do, we dance the night away and get home very tired but also very happy and kiss and kiss till we fall asleep. Before we know it, our beautiful evening turned into a weekend of absolute fun and breakfast we now prepare together and thereafter, we pack our bags and head for home.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yes. It is possible and it has happened to many folks, especially in World war 2.
How many kids would you like to have?
What ever God would allow and according to our means. It would not matter to me weather girl or boy, as long as they would be healthy. In my case, I do not have any children yet and perhaps never will but, I will cherish yours, should you have any.
How important is someone's physical appearance to you?
Yes. Most definately but woman as well as man do and can get a little chubby as one get older. I of course, do watch my weight as I do not want to be fat.
If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
God, my Father in Heaven, has given me such a beautiful Gift, that has made me only too happy to help others in need of my services by the Laying of my Hands on the sick and dying. I do this task with the help of Jesus Christ, my Redeemer and Savior and I shall not want for myself but for others in the name of God my Holy Father in Heaven. One other thing is that I would stop all wars and hurt of Rape and cruelty to woman and children who do not deserve to be treated as sluts and or rags to be trod on. All evil people I would wave my magic wand and turn all peoples from different walks of life into law abiding citizens and all would have jobs and no more poverty in the world. That would be my ultimate goal " One Super Power "
What is the purpose of marriage?
First and foremost, to have children and borne out of true and understanding Love. Secondly, Being able to communicate at all levels especially in the bedroom with much temderness and where most important decisions are made.
What is the most important lesson that you've learned?
Give more and take less in Life and respect others as you want to be respected too .The University of Life!
What do your friends like about you most?
My honesty and faithfulness. My kindness to others, no matter who they may be and where they come from.
What do your friends tease you about the most?
About finding the good and gentle wife I promised myelf.
What gets on your nerves?
Quite a few things like a slow Chess player for instance. Another is Bad Breath & Smokers who do not respect non-smokers. I don't want to kiss an ash-tray! If you do smoke, I will help you kick the habit with my special technique.
What is the most important thing in a relationship?
First and foremost, Communication. Tenderness, kindness, tolerance, understanding, Foreplay. Love making is most important in a marriage and not once a month even when you are 80. Most folk believe that Foreplay begins in the bedroom. This is not true at all! Foreplay begins the moment you meet for the first time and much respect is called for each other as the chemistry begins between man and woman. Do I need to say more? Did you know that Lovemaking is the golden key to a healthy and well bonded Relationship? Indeed it is so.
What's the best age to get married?
Although I never married, I honestly think for a man, the best age to marry would be when he is 28 and the best age for a woman in this day and age, would be in the region of between 23 to 28. Even up to 35 but not later because of the Biological clock. Unfortunately, most men do not understand this important factor. I am very fortunate that I have a feminine side and I understand women very well. Of course, if you don't want children, you can marry at 50, 60 or even older but a good and honest companion would be better and much safer too.
What turns you off?
People with bad body odour. Tatoos. Long greasy hair and sloppy dressed with dirty finger-nails and hands. Obese woman are a turn-off for me. .
What turns you on?
Integrity, Faithfulness, Tenderness honesty and willingness to appreciate the qualities of life and Love. A pretty smile too! A woman who dresses neatly and wears clothing that makes her stand out. She must smell like Heaven on earth and so must I.
What do you hope to be doing five years from now?
Five years from now? Retired and comfotable with my woman by my side and on a world trip on an unsinkable ship!
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