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Eligible Greek Dating Safety

At Eligible Greeks, we place a great deal of importance on the safety of our members.

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We want Greek singles to be able to find each other without worrying about online dating scams or their personal safety. After all, what's the fun in dating if you're constantly worried about everything but meeting other people?

We do everything we can – mostly through our Five Star Safety Program – to ensure that you'll be safe at all times. But there are also a number of steps Greek singles can take on their own to ensure that they'll have fun while also staying safe on Eligible Greeks. Here's a look at a few of our top safety tips – ones you can use both here and at any other dating sites you might have an account at.

Keep Your Account Secure

Before you even get started communicating with potential dates, you'll want to make sure that you've taken some basic steps to ensure your account is secure and not vulnerable to hackers or identity thieves. Make sure that you choose a good password for your account, and ensure that you don't share it with anyone. You may also wish to open a separate email account that's just for your online dating profile (or profiles), so that your personal and work email will be completely safe even if something should happen to your Eligible Greeks account. You may also wish to invest in an anti-virus program to help improve your general computer security.

Utilize Our Tools.

At Eligible Greeks, we take pride in our Five Star Safety Program, which is designed to keep you and your personal information safe at all times. However, this system is most effective when our members help police the community themselves.

We offer a couple of different tools that will help you keep yourself – and our other members – as safe as possible. First, you'll always have the opportunity to block members from communicating with you, and we recommend you use this option if anyone is making you feel uncomfortable when they talk to you. This won't stop them from pursuing other matches, but it will send them the message that it's time to stop trying to communicate with you.

If you believe a member is acting suspiciously or may be harassing other members, you can take the additional step of reporting them to Eligible Greeks. If you do so, we'll investigate the matter and take any appropriate steps to ensure that our site remains the best and safest place possible to form Greek relationships.

Be Guarded with Personal Data

When you get excited about meeting a new match, it's only natural to want to share some details about yourself. And there's nothing wrong with letting someone know your first name or the general area where you live. But more private information should probably wait until you know someone a bit better.

On Eligible Greeks, you can send messages and engage in real time chat, which means you can always communicate with Greek singles here – without divulging any extra information about yourself. As time goes on, you may want to share an email address, and if you're going to meet another member in person, you may even wish to share phone numbers – but don't rush into this until you feel comfortable.

Be Wary of Suspicious Behavior

Related to our last note, you should be suspicious of anyone who asks for too much information or for you to do things that you wouldn't normally do with strangers. You should never be willing to give another Eligible Greeks member your password and login information for our site, or for any other site. You should also avoid giving money to another member, and should be suspicious of anyone who asks for money to help pay for an emergency or any other purposes.

More generally, use common sense to make sure that you avoid members that seem like they could be scammers. These could include members who have inconsistent details in their profiles, ones who have profiles with way too many spelling and grammatical errors, or those who links to third-party sites. Most Eligible Greeks members are here to have a great time and meet new people, but these are signs of individuals who might be looking for something else instead.

Meet in a Public Place

You've messaged some of our Greek singles, and you've finally set up a date with someone nearby. Congratulations! However, the rules for safe online dating don't end when you leave Eligible Greeks.

For your first meeting, it's important that you meet your date in a public place, rather than in a private location like the home of your date. It's also a great idea to let a friend or two know where you'll be, and to keep your phone on you at all times so that you can contact them if necessary. For your first date, it is also best to stay in a sober state of mind and stay in the public place for the duration of the meeting.

These tips and others are generally offered for women, but Greek men should be cautious in the early going of a new relationship as well. There will be plenty of time to move the relationship forward on further meetings, but take your first date as a chance to truly get to know the other person – after all, while you may have enjoyed talking to them online, you won't truly know them until you meet them face-to-face.

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