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Is EligibleGreeks a good Greek dating app? See what our members have to say.

EligibleGreeks| Updated February 13, 2021

Welcome to EligibleGreeks! We are the largest and safest dating website for Greek singles all over the world from Greece and Cyprus to the UK and the US. From South Africa to Canada. We are the best dating site for Greek women and Greek men looking for dating, relationships and marriage. Below you will find some reviews some of our member kindly send us and you will see that there is no more wonderful dating network for Greeks online:

"I met someone amazing on this site and i don't need to look for anyone else." - Ir123

"I have met my match, thanks EligibleGreeks" - VaggelitsaPenemenie

"I have met my absolute true love thanks to this site. It was the best thing I ever did!" - labrat1974

"I have spent several lonely years looking for someone, and I think I have found him thanks to EligibleGreeks" - Irena_Babovic

"I just wanted to let you know that thanks you EligibleGreeks, I have met the man of my dreams. Nikofromcali and I met through you back in November 2012 and are getting married in September in California. There is no way we would have met without you - me being all the way in London and him, in San Francisco, but you made it possible, so THANK YOU SO MUCH, from the bottom of our hearts. We couldn't be happier and it's all because of you." - Angi

"My love (Eleuthera) and I met up in May 2017, will be married in the Spring of 2018. Were both very compatible in every aspect." - John

"After contemplating for a while and going on somebad dates, I decided to try Eligible Greeks. On July 12, 2015 I was goingthrough some pictures and saw one that caught my eye, Sfire41. I saw he lived in Boston and even though Ilived in Chicago, I clicked on his picture and sent him a message. After a fewhours of emailing back and forth, we decided to talk off line. We talked forhours that night and continued to talk and Skype every day. When we made thedecision to meet, Sfire41 flew to Chicago from Boston the end of August. Sincehe never visited Chicago before, it was fun to show him the city during a longweekend. A few weeks after he left, Sfire41 invited me up to Boston to spend mybirthday with him. It was one of the best birthdays I ever had. We had a greattime getting to know each other more and during that trip I was also introducedto his parents, family and friends. We would continue to fly back and forthuntil April 2016. April was when I would make the move to Boston. While drivingto Boston, we stopped for two nights in Niagara Falls, it was on the secondnight that SFire41 proposed to me. I of course accepted, as I knew from dayone, he was my soul mate. We just got married on October 30th and welook forward to spending our lifetime together. Thank you Eligible Greeks, ifit weren't for you, we never would of met!" - Lainie

"I found someone on this site and things are going well. " - ChefIrene

" I got married to a great Greek guy I met on this site ))))"- Irina-V

" I met someone through this site and i am in the process of relocating to be with that person. Thanks EligibleGreeks:)" - dcd

" Thanks, I met someone very nice who I'm now dating." - tina-tee

"Met the perfect Greek woman on here. Great site, no fake profiles like many other sites and fair prices too." - GreekItalianMale

"Our story began with a mother's secret mission- to find her daughter her perfect mate! In true Greek style, my mother found the website, and created a profile for me – without my knowledge! Needless to say, when I found out about this, I quickly went on the site and hid my profile. Fast forward a few years and after much encouragement from some friends and my mom, I updated my information and changed my picture. That same night Peter's sister convinced him to look around on and he saw my newly updated profile picture and bio. Peter sent me a "flirt", I responded, and the rest, as they say, is history. After weeks of emailing and spending hours each night on the phone, Peter and I decided it was time for him to come to Albuquerque. Peter traveled the 1600 miles to my home town so that we could meet. Like a gentleman he stayed at a hotel near my house and we spent a wonderful first weekend together. As we got to know each other and traveled back and forth spending time together and with each other's families and friends, we quickly realized this was something special. I knew it was real when it broke my heart to leave Peter. Since that moment it hasn't been any easier. I am so grateful for his sister and my mom and their "interventions." I am also so grateful to Peter for everything he did to make our relationship such a success. He made sure we sew each other monthly if not more often, drove from Sioux City to Albuquerque and back, was extremely patient during stressful times, gave me the most memorable and meaningful proposal and so many other things. He is kind and respectful and a true gentleman. I am so thankful that I have the privilege of spending my life with him." - Peter & Adrea

"After meeting the love of my life, Alla, we're well onto our way for marriage- and I never thought that any online site could deliver such results! well .... ummm.... The PERFECT result for me in this case (hint hint.. Alla:)Thanks Eligible Greeks! (hope i never come back lol:)' - Jbardopoulos

"I have found a wonderful man on this site. i would like the thank EG for a great site. He is one in a million... i believe that he is the man i have been looking for my whole life. Se' agapo giorgo mou!!!!" - koukla_rland

"After being on your site for 5 years on and off...This past christmas due to an unexpected illness that took me through the next couple of months. I decided to give your site another viewing on the personals in february and after flirting and chatting with a very special man for a month we decided to meet. Me being in North Palm Beach, Florida and him living in the Tampa, Florida area is quite a distance..But on July 4th he (Kostas) decided it was time to take the 4 hour plus ride and meet me (Vivian) at a local restaurant near me. However Kostas did get lost so i suggested to meet at the local Publix instead..After waiting a few minutes in the parking lot of a very busy supermarket a red truck slows down and this handsome man gets out with dozens of roses a cake and a large box of candy....Being extremely touched and though what a good hearted special person should follow me to a local restaurant. So, we did and over a diet coke we chatted for couple of hours comparing such similar illness at the same time frame was overwhelming and what a coincidence. Being it was July 4th and evening was approaching concerned about the long drive back to tampa for Kostas we both agreed to see on another again and again and again....With endless phone conversations and skype calls from florida to greece. This was turning out to be very special and so it was that on October 11 we got married among 62 guests, friends, family from as far as Greece, New York and various other states. After three weeks of being Mr and Mrs Kotoulis we both are thankful to our wonderful Greek Dating Site and forever will, moral to the story is one never knows and never give up..." - Vivie11 & Kostas4you

"I have found my soulmate through this site...." - Vas1764

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