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Want to succeed in online dating? Here are some tips.

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At Eligible Greeks, we pride ourselves on helping Greek singles find that perfect match. That's why we want to help you put your best foot forward when it comes to creating your profile. A poor profile can make it difficult for the right Greek women or men to find you, while an excellent profile will allow potential dates to see you at your very best. Here are a few of our top tips for creating a winning online dating profile!

Cover the Basics

Remember to include anything that your match has to know about you in your profile, so that you'll avoid any later surprises for your dates and show that you're not afraid to share who you are. This includes basic information like your age, what you do for a living, and whether you have any children. Leaving something this basic out may not just cause problems on a date – it could make some Greek singles suspicious about why you didn't include it in the first place.

Only the Best Pictures

With digital cameras and cameras on every smartphone, these days most of us have more pictures of ourselves than we can possibly use. But the truth of the matter is that not all of these pictures are great: some show us at our best, some give insight into our personalities, and some... well, some we'd rather not let anyone take a look at.

At Eligible Greeks, we allow you post as many pictures as you'd like – but that doesn't mean you should necessarily post every picture you're considering putting on the site. For your dating profile, it's probably best only to pick a few pictures that you think make you look your best. In addition, add a picture or two that show you engaged in your favorite activities or hobbies. Leave out the mediocre photos: remember, other Greek singles will be much more interested in the quality of your pictures than the quantity.

And what if you're not comfortable posting a photo at all? In that case, be sure to describe yourself honestly. As we'll talk about in a minute, this doesn't have to be brutal honesty, but you should be certain to give potential dates a good enough idea of what you look like that they won't be shocked when they finally meet you in person.

Be Honest

As we've been saying, we know that you want to share the best version of yourself when you write your profile. However, it's important that you tell the truth whenever you write something, as a lie won't reflect well on you later. This doesn't mean that you have to bare your soul to the other Greek singles on our site. You can leave out rough details – you don't need to talk about finances if that makes you uncomfortable, for instance, and there's no reason to harp on your own faults. But what you do include should be truthful. If there's something you know you should include but don't necessarily want to be specific about – like your age – you can be vague, but again, it should be honest: "early 40s" is fine if you are 43, but less so at 49.

Do Not Be Picky

It's okay to have standards for who you want to date. We have countless Greek singles, and not everyone is right for everyone else. You may have some important qualities in mind that a match must have: whether or not they want to have children, their religious background, or what language they speak, for instance.

But while those are all big picture things that can define a relationship, some people have a tendency to post too many requirements when creating their profiles. A date's height, whether or not they like seafood or how they feel about your favorite sports team may all be things that influence your opinion of them, but they shouldn't be dealbreakers that prevent you from messaging someone or meeting them for a first date.

Be Specific

Read enough profiles at Eligible Greeks, and you may start to notice that a lot of them read very similar to one another. Plenty of people "like the outdoors" or "enjoy going out to dinner." But when talking about what you like to do in your free time or your hobbies and interests, it definitely pays to be specific rather than using these clichés that can mean many different things and apply to almost anyone.

Instead of saying that you like the outdoors, write in your profile that you enjoy hiking. Instead of simply stating that you enjoy restaurants, talk about your favorite Italian restaurant. When you share these details, you'll help your potential matches learn more about you and get a better feel for your personality – making you more than just another fish in the sea.

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